Affordable Gaming Laptops Under $500

Gaming Laptops Under $500

A lot of games have been created over the years and if you are a real gamer you already know that playing such games especially the latest versions or creations on a normal computer puts immense pressure on its Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) causing it to overheat. This, in turn, damages both the body and internal components.
That’s where gaming desktops and laptops come in; the laptops are highly preferred as they are mobile and more power sufficient. Who wants a stationary gaming device when you can literally play anywhere, right? Although gaming laptops are more expensive than gaming desktops, you can still purchase them at a pocket-friendly price. This article will give you a list of the best laptops for gaming – cheap below $500 They include:
1. HP ayor11-nr 15.6-inch Laptop
For day-day-day tasks, casual gaming, and decent hardware the HP ayor11-nr is ideal as it has these specifications:
· 6th Gen Intel Core i5-6200u Processor
· Windows 10 OS
· 8GB RAM and ITB Hard disk
· 7 hours 15 minutes Battery Life
· I USB 3.0 port and 2 USB 2.0 ports
More specs at
2. ASUS P-Series P2540UA-AB51 Laptop
Besides being affordable, powerful, and durable, ASUS P-Series P2540UA-AB51 it is suitable for gaming as it has:
· 7th Gen Intel Dual Core i5 7200U Processor
· 8GB and ITB HDD
· 15.6 inches screen with a resolution of 1920 times 1080 pixels
· An average of 9 hours Battery Life
· 4 USB ports
· Windows 10 OS
all product details at
3. Dell Inspiron 13 7000 Series i7347-50sLV Laptop
A number of the most popular games released in the near past will run smoothly on the Dell Inspiron 13 7000 Series i7347 as it has high frames per second (FPS) and:
· 4th Gen Intel Core i3-4010U processor which is nearly as powerful as the most powerful Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) processor in the market today.
· Convertible touchscreen screen that is 13.3 inches
· 1600 MHz Memory speed
· Windows 8 OS
· Intel HD Graphics that are 4400 Integrated
All these and a lot more for less than $500
4. Lenovo Flex 2 14 Laptop
Want a laptop whose processor has hyper-threading features? Then the Lenovo Flex 2 14 is it. It also has these specs:
· 14.0-Inch LED HD Touchscreen
· Can be converted to a tablet
· 1.7 GHz Intel Core i5 processor
· 7 hours of Battery Life
· Windows 8 OS
· 4.2 pounds in weight with 3 USB ports
See all features at
5. 2016 ASUS Premium High-Performance Laptop
It is among the affordable laptops that have best graphic solutions plus these features:
· AMD A 10-8700P powerful processor that enhances perfect speeds while multitasking and efficient increase in power
· 8GB RAM and ITB Hard drive
· Full-size keyboard for easy navigation and typing
· Turbo of up to 3.20 GHz
· Smart gesture touchpad
· Wireless connectivity enabled
Look up×1080-processor-Windows/dp/B01HH5ZM6M for more information on the 2016 ASUS Premium High-Performance Laptop
6. Acer Aspire E15 E5-575G-33BM
Last but not least, in fact, the Acer Aspire E15 E5-575G-33BM though the cheapest in the list (less than $400) it has a processor that allows incomparable optimizations in regard to power and efficiency. More details include:
· 7th Generation 2.4 GHz Intel Core i3-7100U Processor
· 4GB RAM and ITB Hard drive
· Windows 10 Operating System
· 12 hours of Battery Life
· Intel HD Graphics 620
· 15.6-Inch HD Screen
· Backlit Keyboard
View for more on the product.
Well, now that you have a list of the best laptops for gaming – cheap below $500 which keep in mind are also quite efficient for other everyday activities, I wish you more adventures in your gaming journey.

Which Motherboard is Right to Use with Ryzen 7 1700x and 1800x?

Ryzen 7 1700x and 1800x

AMD’s latest processor the Ryzen 7 is here and it is giving lots of competition to the current Intel Kaby Lake. They however have a common challenge. This is a compatible motherboard. Motherboard makers are yet to make motherboards that can fully support the Ryzen 7 1700x and 1800x. This means that people who would like to use this processor have to look for the best motherboard among many that do not do so well. In a few months there will be motherboards that are fully compatible with the processor, but before then what motherboard should you use?
The very first consideration when looking for a motherboard for the Ryzen 7 is the processor socket. The motherboard’s socket must fit the processor well so it works optimally. In this case look for the AM4 socket. Also look for a motherboard that supports all the peripheral devices you intend to use. Ensure there are enough USB port connections and ports for other peripheral devices including an audio jack and others. There should be slots for whatever number of graphic cards that you intend to use as well. An ability to set up several hard drives and video cards is a good quality that should be considered.
The chipset is also very important. This is the set of circulatory that determines how well the processor will perform. For best results choose a motherboard that has B350, X300, X370 or A320 chipset.
With these considerations in mind you will be able to land a good motherboard for Ryzen 7 1700x and 1800x. For comparisons that have been tried and tested see In this link you will find motherboards that have been tried with the Premiere Pro 2017.0.2 software which is one of the most demanding software. It uses more than four cores of the processor and hence it is suitable for testing how good a motherboard is with the Ryzen 7. The processor provides 8 cores and hence will do well with this software.
Many users have tried several motherboards and some have been found to work greatly with the Ryzen 7. The best two are:
Asus Prime AM4 X370 Pro
This has the perfect processor socket and the best chipset, the X370. For firm anchoring of heavy GPUs, the motherboard comes with two safe slots. For connectivity, the motherboard has dual M.2 USB 3.1 at the front that have high speed. On board is also a 802.11 ac WiFi for connectivity. The ASUS Aura Sync RGB allows easy personalization with 3D printing mount and two RGB headers. The FanXpert 4 ensures the computer has the best cooling system.
Asus ROG Crosshair VI Hero
This is the most popular motherboard meant for use with the Ryzen 7. It supports overclocking up to 3200MHz while the processor remains cool thanks to the TurboV processing unit. The audio chip on board is one of the best. This is the SupremeFX S1220 Codec. It gives 120dB line out and comes with a 7.1 channel playback. There are several expansion slots on this motherboard. Though expensive, this motherboard is worth every cent you will spend on it as it will give the best performance.

Council Tax Arrears Advice

Council Tax Arrears Advice

Accept the fact, that, you need to pay your Council tax every year and missing out on this important and must me
et obligation will increase your debt. Then, you must pay your debt as arrears.
You can’t escape from this government obligation. This article is going to focus on those unfortunate souls, that somehow missed out paying their Council Tax and have huge arrears to clear and looking for Council Tax Arrears Advice.
Remember, this is a priority debt, and council has supreme power to collect their money back.
Before we go into detail, we need to know how this tax is levied and who is responsible for paying.
Every year council tax is calculated based on your home value, and a number of adults live in it. A person that is 18 years will be considered as an adult. For example, if there are three adults in your home, anyone can pay, or all can share and pay the tax.
If you have rented out your home or part of your home, both yourselves and your tenant should pay the tax. Likewise, if you are married, or in a same-sex relationship, both you and your partner is responsible for paying the council tax.
With all these details in place, let’s now see some advice that is key for you to get out of this debt.
You can pay your arrears in on lump sum if you have the cash to do so. Are you can pay in weekly or monthly instalments. Please go to your nearest council office and check out options you have.
Beware, you will get a reminder once you have only seven days to pay your council tax. If you miss the deadline, then council will try to recover money from various options, like deducting from your salary, etc.,
Council also has the right to take legal action against you if you keep on missing your tax payment.
There are ways you can reduce your Council Tax.
1. If your family have one disabled or mentally challenged person of any age, then you might qualify for a discount
2. If your family has only one adult that is more than 18 years old, you will get a 25% discount, which is called as single person discount.
3. If you or your family is falling under the bracket of low-income group, then you are eligible for a reduction in council tax.
There may be more discounts offered by your council. Do visit your nearest council office or those who offer Council Tax Arrears Advice ( and talk to them to find out how to reduce your council tax.
Also, please be in constant touch with your council office to take necessary help whenever you need.
For example, you lost your job and in hardship to pay council tax. Then you can speak to your council office and come to an agreement on how much tax you need to pay when you should pay etc.,
Being in touch with your council office is very critical to not get into legal trouble later.
Like any other government taxes, council tax is critical financial commitment. To pay this and not get into debt, I suggest you make your financial plan inclusive of council tax, talk to your council staff or council tax advisors to understand what options you have to pay your council tax.

Follow these tips for effective Small Business Reputation Management

Reputation Management

If you own a small business, then you may face many complications in your day to day work life. Because of these difficulties and overwhelming work you may not find any time to think about your online reputation. You need to understand that if you run a small business, then Small Business Reputation Management is crucial for your growth and this article can explain why it is important for you But if you are wondering how to manage your online reputation, then following are few key points that can help you in it.

Earn you respect: All the wise people said it so many time that trust is an asset that is not easy to gain and if you get it once, then you earn respect as well from people. You do not get any alternative of best services or products. So, before you think about other steps to your online reputation management, make sure you check your product or services and if you find any issues, resolve that so you can earn your respect.

Be transparent: You can have a good reputation only if you are transparent in your work. If you did something wrong and others are criticizing you, then you can either oppose, or you can accept it, and you can promise a resolution. Admitting your mistakes and resolving a problem is always the best way to build your reputation and you should follow the same approach for your small business reputation management.

Listen and respond: Running a small business connects you directly with your customers. Some of them can have a positive opinion of your work, and some can have a negative opinion. IF someone says positive things about you, show your gratitude and if you get negative words, show your concern in a polite manner assuring a solution for the issue. Also, this response should be as prompt as possible, and it will help you build your reputation in a positive manner.

Understand criticism: When you understand critics and their opinion, then you learn the point of view given by you customers. You can address any problem that is genuine, and it can help you make your product better. Needless to say, it will help you have a better online reputation as well because you listen to your customer, you act when needed, and that is what your customer wish to get from you.

Take strong actions: In some cases being polite is not an option and if someone is intentionally trying to hurt your reputation with false grounds, then you should get in the attack mode. Always understand when you do not have any other way then attack is always the best defense for you. To fight attackers, you can file a legal complaint, or you can take other actions to have the better reputation.

In some cases, none of the other solutions might work for you. If that is the situation for you, then taking some help from an expert would be a good idea for you. Other than this, you should also learn from your own mistakes to avoid any problem in the future.

A Few Things You Need To Do When You Are In The Process Of Quitting Marijuana

Process of Quitting

Despite the fact that many people – especially youths – term smoking weed as a cool or dope thing to do, there are numerous health implications that come with it as explained on this site here – Unfortunately, most weed smokers often start regretting their choice of lifestyle when it’s too late. That’s why it’s advisable to quit while you still can. According to, there are a number of ways to quit smoking marijuana.
For starters, to stop smoking weed, you need to look at yourself and determine why you are smoking pot/cannabis/ marijuana/weed in the first place. Is it because you have a problem with your health either physically or mentally? If so, then you should consult with a healthcare professional in order to address the underlying cause.
People who are trying to kick any type of habit find that they need to keep themselves busy so that they do not think about the habit. You can keep yourself busy by turning to exercises, video games, music, book, movies, working on your car, painting or any other hobby that you have an interest in. Try to make sure you do something that involves some physical activity. You are really going to need those feel good endorphins.
If your close friends are pot smokers too, then you should stay away from them so that you can get over your addiction. You do not need to leave them out in the cold. Just tell them why you are staying away from them. You could also continue talking to them on the Internet or phone. If they’re your true friend, they will understand. The last thing you need to do is have temptation shoved in your face.
Make sure you eat right, your body is going to find it enough of a shock as it is, it will need plenty of vitamins and minerals and plenty of complex carbs. Drink lots of real fruit juices, eat plenty of vegetables and maybe even consider taking nutritional supplements if need be.
When you start to feel that you are going to give in, you need to focus your mind towards the reason you want or need to quit in the first place. Take some time to note down all of the reasons you can think of and when you feel as if you’re giving in, read that list.
When an individual is trying to quit a drug habit, they should always have someone there in order to support them. If you do not have any support, then you can find many support groups that contain individuals that are dealing with weed addiction like you. It is always great to connect with someone that is dealing with the same things you are.
You should also get rid of everything you use to smoke weed. Throw away or delete your dealers’ phone numbers and dispose of any marijuana that you already have, this will make it harder for you to relapse when you are feeling weak.
You need to try to make your quitting process as stress-free as possible. Make sure your house is clean, rent is up to date, and all of your bills are paid. If anything else in your life is causing you stress, then you need to try to get rid of that too. The last thing you need is to develop any form of stress when you are trying to quit smoking weed. You can find more insightful tips about Weed Addiction on this site here –

Discovering the One For Your Needs


Do you agree that taking time to pick for your cookware material is worth-spending? Whichever you choose from ceramic, enamel or glass can be your excellent selection. In fact, it’s your choice. While these materials hold their own benefits, cooking in pots and pans of your dreams can make your life in the kitchen amazingly easier.

Each material is a good heat conductor. They can hold heat in longer time. Normally, a ceramic cookware is either made of clay, or with a safe, non-scratch ceramic glaze with a bacteria-resistant surface. It is equipped with a far-infra red technology which is beneficial for cooking. Ceramic distributes heat evenly. Its brilliant ability to resist cracking on both high heating and cooling, has made the cookware known as extreme temperature units. Ceramic is durable and very versatile. You can use the cookware in any conventional method from a stove top, microwave or toaster, under broiler, or on a barbecue grill.

Enameled cookware comes in two versions, the enamel on steel, and the enameled cast iron. Enamel is a porcelain-fused coating that is non-reactive and non-stick metal giving the shiny and often-colored surface of pots and pans. The enamel coating acts as the hard barrier between the food and the iron base to prevent metal from leaking into the food during the cooking process.

Enameled cast iron cookware has been known the energy-efficient cookware for its heat dispersion properties. It can retain heat for longer periods with only a moderate amount of heat used. Enameled cookware is very durable and works well with every cooking technique from conventional to oven to the grill. It is among the easiest to clean cookware that is even dishwasher-safe.learn more in this review

Glass cookware is very attractive and cheerful. The see-though glass ceramic allows you to practically monitor the food you’re cooking with a less tendency of overcooking. Even though glass does not distribute heat evenly, it can stand extreme temperatures, and is very efficient in warming food up in a toaster or oven. Cooks agree that a heat-resistant glass cookware is a smart idea for mixing, cooking, storing and serving. It saves time by doing away with extra food storage containers. The only thing to remember is the fragility of glass that can break under impact.

Pots and pans must be washed thoroughly inside and out. While glass, enamel and ceramic cookware can be one of the best items in your kitchen, extra care in handling and cleaning is only essential. Buy cleansers purposely made for glass and ceramic. In maintaining a scratch-free surface, only use nylon scrub in cleaning, never a steel wool. Likewise, if you find mineral streaks from water clinging on your cookware, boiling a full-strength vinegar for your final rinse is very helpful. All glass and ceramic-glass cookware are dishwasher-safe.

Soaking the bottom of my greased enameled pans and baking trays in a mild dish cleanser was very helpful. Similarly, eliminating the hardest burnt-on foods was a lot easier after soaking the pan’s bottom in water and 5 tablespoons of salt for a few hours, and bringing the mixture into boil. If you bake a lot, you most likely have a bunch of glass cookware in your kitchen shelves.

Ceramic, enamel, or glass cookware are among the finest kitchen equipments. Given today’s new stunning and expensive styles you can choose from, you would want to be careful in your selection and shopping to get the best value for your money. The simplest guideline is to keep in mind that regardless of what material a cookware is made from, if you are determined it is the one you like and the set you need most, then the cookware you are picking is worth-buying.

So go ahead and enjoy your cooking!

Hire A Right Cheltenham Heating Contractor For Home Heaters


In general, homeowners are familiar with few buzzwords like R& AC, HVAC which represents Refrigeration & Air-conditioning and Heating-Ventilation & Air-conditioning respectively. In the same way, people who live at Cheltenham, are familiar with cheltenham based heating engineers and the competence of these professionals. According to, the term HVAC describes the gadgets which are the parts of the home heating or cooling systems that control the temperature at homes as well as in business places. These two independent systems work in controlling the room temperatures as per the requirement that varies from season to season. When this system fails, people always need the professionals like heating contractor Cheltenham to fix the problem in a quicker time and continue to enjoy the required temperature at all the time.

Benefits Of Calling A Professional Heating Contractor
Professionals from heating contractor Cheltenham are well qualified to maintain and repair all the home heating systems during the winter months. Their services are so exemplary that people will never feel the absence of their heating system for a long while as these experts will fix the problem in the quickest possible time. These experts make a real difference from other competitors in the aspect of response time. In addition to the repair activities, the experts can also install a variety of other temperature controlled systems like air-conditioning, refrigerator and so on.

Interestingly these professionals extend annual maintenance services to their customers at an affordable price. By paying a fixed annual payment, the customers at heating contractor Cheltenham can enjoy the uninterrupted HVAC system in their homes or even at workplaces. Popularly known as AMC, which refer to Annual Maintenance Contract can be signed for all the heating and cooling needs of the individual customer and the servicing company like heating contractor Cheltenham.

Different Types Of HVAC Systems
Experts from heating contractor Cheltenham have enough experience in handling all types of HVAC systems. There are many types of HVAC systems like oil furnace system, electric furnace system, Gravity furnaces and so on. Each of these systems has their own applications both in homes as well as in business or industrial places. Customers from heating contractor Cheltenham are well aware that they can depend on these experts for all their heating needs both at homes as well in commercial places.

There are many websites that furnish the experiences from the prior consumers as well. Reading and cross verifying such testimonials will go a long way in choosing the right heating contractor for doing all kinds of heating needs at your home. One can also check through the local property management services that can always refer good heating professionals with a high experience in the heating industry. It is always recommended to hire the reputed service firms which are accredited by the appropriate authorities as these professionals have the right skills and also follow ethical practices in their profession. So make sure you do your research well before hiring a professional service for all your plumbing requirements.

The Luminess airbrush makeup reviews

Luminess airbrush makeup

Have you ever used the lumpiness airbrush makeup trend? Luminess Airbrush makeup is a beautiful blended fantasy murals painting done on Harley Davidson and Hippie vans. They are made by blowing the excellence, aimed spray of the paint via a tube and out the nozzle by a steady stream of the compressed air as a propellant.

On this luminess airbrush makeup reviews show the entire process practices with the luminous airbrush before you attempt using it. You must continue doing the procedure until it brings out a beautiful; also mist each time, and not surprisingly globs of the paint or the heavy coverage that appears too solid.
Difference between Luminess Airbrush Paints and Airbrush Makeup
With either positive or negative outcome, using either of them you can go after the translucent radiant instead of the solid coverage, and the perfect blending. However, while it long to get a hang of a powerful airbrushes artist, about the single session and the couple of the instruction videos, you have to feel comfortable when using the cosmetic airbrush. Plenty of the videos contain this instruction can in found on YouTube.For more info, please visit

Disadvantages and Advantages of Luminess Airbrush Makeup

There are varieties of luminess airbrush makeup kit currently available on the market. Yet there is another makeup procedure used mostly exclusively by high paid artists and Hollywood celebrities with no surgical facelifts. Currently is readily found on general public.

Luminess Airbrush makeup is most hygienic compared to other ordinary airbrush makeup since hands can never touch the skin. When initially the kit is purchased, the airbrush makeup system is relatively expensive, costing
$200 to $300. However, once you have already owned the luminess makeup kit and the little mini compressor, you can apply it for decades, hence saves continuous make up cost. Normally you can just apply few drops on the airbrush wand, while applying the makeup using hands; easily you go through times ten amounts.

By a regular cleaning, you can make your airbrush last long since is made from luminess, thus makes it easier to clean.

Airbrush Makeup scheme for Cosmetic Bases

The cosmetic that comes along with several airbrush makeup trend brands need to be of high quality or else they can congest on the brush. That is why you have to choose from various bases, for instance:
• Mineral.
• Silicon.
• Water.


The most commonly used luminees airbrush in a movie is Silicon-based airbrush. It is because it gives most general and lasting coverage, but in most cases, it causes the irritation on the skin if only is overused, because the skin does not have sufficient breathing space.


If oil covers your skin, mineral-based silicon can be perfect or even prone to sweat easily. However, a single drawback can kill your expensive airbrush quicker than expected. It might be because the utensil not cleaned entirely or even the applied makeup was too heavy.


You need the lightest option, and natural, water-based will provide that, however, it might not last long compared to silicon, but this tricks such as multiple ultra-light coats, set with the fine mister after drying, can assist keeping the airbrush appear looking perfect as several hours model.

April Fool Pranks That Will Make Everyone Laugh (And Some Very Angry)!

April Fool Pranks

Pranksters all over the world wait for this day to carry out their best ideas – April 1st. Even if you don’t like making elaborate plans to fool everyone around you, you can still try some good old tricks that are easy to pull off for some good laugh. There are several innovative ideas like Prank Candles that people prefer these days as they can be easily bought. Check it out to see the fun and frivolity that these little ideas can bring into your life. We have included some highly effective suggestions that were given by Just make sure that the people you try these pranks on have a great sense of humor, else you might be in for some serious trouble.

If you are waiting to pull a fast one on your colleagues, then here are some super-cool ideas that you can try out in your office. Come, let’s not waste any more time!

What About Some Cookies, Everyone?
That question is sure to get half the office staff around your table. Now, distribute the Oreo cookies that you have with you. Well, the only trouble is that most of your colleagues may not appreciate the effort you put in to remove the cream and to put in toothpaste in its place.

Follow It Up With Some Special Doughnuts
Now, that your colleagues have a bad taste in their mouth and a bad mood to go with it, why don’t you take it upon yourself to improve the situation. Get some fresh doughnuts for everyone. Just replace the custard filling with mayonnaise. Well, we can’t really predict the reaction of your colleagues to this one, so better avoid them for the rest of the day or week.

Cracked Screen
Download a high-resolution picture of a cracked screen from Google. Set this pic as the screensaver on your colleague’s computer. If they use a desktop, then all the better as you can unplug the mouse and keyboard too for a more convincing effect.

Play A Repetitive, Annoying Sound In Your Office
Just make some long recording of any kind of repetitive sound like clicking, whistling, beeping, etc. and play it in a loop on your computer. Connect a Dictaphone and hide it somewhere it can’t be found quickly. Watch and enjoy your colleagues lose their mind as they listen to this annoyingly repetitive sound while trying to locate the source. You can also use your phone for this trick, but make sure that you change the settings so that calls and texts don’t come through and give away the game.

Replace Words In Documents With Interesting Substitutes
This works well in Microsoft Word as well as Google Docs. If you are using Google Docs, just go to ‘Tools’ and select ‘Preferences’. Now, replace some of the commonly used words with substitutes of your choice. If your colleague uses Microsoft Words, then, go to ‘Tools’, select ‘AutoCorrect’ options and do the same thing. Now, sit back and enjoy watching your colleague go crazy correcting those words by actually typing them out each time.

Try one of these for a fun-filled April Fool’s Day this time!