Strollers: How To Buy The Right One For Your Baby?


Strollers are one of the essential accessories that the parents buy for their infants. Similar to other accessories, the market of the stroller has been and still witnessing a barrage of brands, models, and genres. Not very stroller suits very baby’s needs. There are several mommasbaby sit and stand recommendations that needs to be delved into before one finalizes their choice of strollers. Parenting tips website offers suggestions to help parents pick the right stroller for your little one.

Let us have a look at the factors that would essentially influence your buy.

Types of strollers

· Standard strollers:

These are the basic strollers that come with cushiony seats that can recline at different angles. Great for taking the baby on the evening stroll or walk in the markets, these come at a wide price range; the price is depending on the brand and the number of features incorporated.

· Travel system:

This is essentially stroller and car seat, rolled into one.

· Car seat strollers:

Highly popular, these strollers help babies to be carried in cars without disturbing them, effortlessly. These frames can be fitted into the car, snapped out and carried in the boot easily.

· Lightweight strollers:

Generally, the low-end models, these come with minimal features. These strollers help parents when on the move; they do not recline much and are generally made for grown-up babies.

· Double (or even triple stroller):

These are ideal for parents who are required to carry two or three babies at the same time. These come either in one after the other or side by side seating arrangements.

· Jogging strollers:

These are three-wheeled strollers that help parents take out the baby when going on their jogs. These can be pushed smoothly and are ideal for taking the baby for long walks and runs.

Other than the right kind of models, several other attributes should influence your choice of stroller.

1. Safety:

This is undoubtedly the most critical factor that should influence your purchase. The way the stroller’s locks, collapses or places its sharp screws and metal edges should all go into your consideration.

2. Adjustability:

Your choice of stroller will be required to be adjusted at frequent intervals since the baby will be growing further inches in a matter of weeks. It is not necessary that simply one stroller can cater to the child’s needs, right from the birth to the toddler stage. You might have to buy a different stroller when your child outgrows the current one. Also, the features changes as per the age and mommasbaby sit and stand recommendation in the strollers.

3. Mobility:

Your chosen stroller should be smooth as butter in terms of maneuverability; it should never have jammed brakes or wheels. The brakes should lock and unlock only when you want them to, and the height of the handles should be adjusted as per your requirements.

4. Fabric:

The fabric of the stroller seats should be soft on the baby’s skin, and should be easily washable. Besides, the fabric of the canopy should be sturdy with UV protection.

Make an educated choice to protect your baby from unintentional injuries.

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