Documents You Must Bring To The First Meeting With An Attorney

lawsuitOnce you fix an appointment with your personal injury lawyer you must list down the copies of documents you need to bring to your attorney office. You have the benefit of free initial consultant with Baizer Kolar P.C. law firm. You must ensure that you take all the necessary documents with you when meeting your attorney.

In your first meeting with your attorney, you must discuss the maximum compensation you are eligible, you must take all the important records of the incident and also you must prepare yourself for the expected questions the lawyer will ask about you and your case in the first meeting. It becomes an efficient meeting and you both can have a smooth interaction.

There are some lawyers who require you to complete a questionnaire before the first meeting. If you have any information you want to share about your case you can write it in the questionnaire. If you are requested to send the completed questionnaire to the lawyer office you can send it along with any pre requested documents pertaining to your case.

Documents like written documents of your accident, medical treatment reports, injury are the important documents that you must carry to the lawyer’s office even though it is not requested by the lawyer in the first meeting.

Along with the original report you must bring the copies of documents of police report created at the time of accident, copies of documents issued from medical centre and physical therapists etc. Documents of insurance details for your medical bills, details of missed days at work and lost income and if you have filed any compensation in the court you can carry its copies.

You must ask some basic questions about the lawyer before hiring. You can ask about the years of experience in personal injury case, whether he is working as full time lawyer or part time lawyer, in what type of personal injury case the lawyer is a specialist and so on.