What Should You Choose – Synthetic Or Leather Boxing Gloves?


Until very recent, boxing gloves had meaning only for the men. Now, that women’s boxing is gradually catching up popularity women gloves have also come up in the market. Several boxing equipment manufacturing companies have introduced their glove’s collection, especially for women. Not only gloves, those companies have started manufacturing a lot more of things for women boxers. There is a wide range of product that is designed to keep the women’s need to the forefront. A woman has equal potential to fight back, the right equipment makes them even more capable. There are different gloves for practice purpose and different for competition matches.

Every boxer has more than one pair of boxer gloves. Best Boxing Gloves help a fighter; give his or her best in the match. Boxing gloves are available in multiple colors, sizes, shapes, weights and price range. Training gloves are designed to be heavier so that it trains the boxers to develop higher resistance. It helps build their ability and strength. In competitions, light gloves are necessary so that the boxer is able to swing hands more freely. Material using which the glove is made is an important matter of concern. The material also has some effect on the efficiency of the boxer.

Every beginner would be confused between leather gloves and vinyl gloves. Nowadays, the boxing gloves available in the market are either made up of synthetic leather or nylon. There are some mixed leather variants that are often employed to manufacture boxing gloves. It is a myth that leather gloves have a smooth surface, hence reducing the overall effort in a strike. Leather, whether synthetic or natural, it has a rough surface that increases the time you take to get off your hand under the opponents skin. Also, leather is more expensive and on the impact, it clings harder.

There are many advantages of leather as well. They are durable and ladies can enjoy playing with their favorite leather gloves for a really long period of time. They absorb sweat and are heavier, that are the biggest demerits one can mention about leather gloves. Leather gloves need cleaning very often. Now, more durable synthetic material gloves are there in the market. They require less maintenance than original leather. You can go for them for ease at boxing. They are cheaper as well, whereas natural leather is still quite expensive.

There are multipurpose gloves in the market as well. Few gloves are there that are designed in such a way that they can be used as kickboxing gloves, for standard boxing or for punching bag exercises. These multipurpose products are equally good. Some leather gloves are given a unique design that makes them more comfortable and durable. It all depends on how you look at the market. For finding the best product, indeed you need to explore the market to the best possible extent. Once, you have known the market you can find the most suitable product for yourself. There are plenty and you got to only choose from among them.