A Quick Comparison Between Dating Apps And Dating Sites

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Somewhere, sometimes when you feel lonely and feel you need someone to care you, love you, be a great friend and spend some good time together, a dating app or dating site is usually the best solution you would opt for. Recently, the most popular dating app, Tinder has set their foot onto dating site platform also by introducing tinder for Pc for all those who prefer dating sites over dating apps. So, which would be the better option? An app or a website? www.psychologytoday.com explains about the importance of dating to improve the quality of life. Let us take a look and compare these two great options available for dating and finding a perfect love:

Speed And Efficiency
In the fast moving lifestyle, nowadays people don’t have even a second to waste. Each minute counts. If you are someone who loves everything to be quick and efficient, then dating apps are the best option for you. The apps are much faster, have a shorter and sweeter profile and are much easier to use than the desktop versions. Apps also have the added advantage that it can be used while you are moving, or travelling. You could check out your tinder account while on your way to the office or while running some errands down the lane. It makes life much more flexible and easier.

But if you are not in a hurry and love to sit at home and check out the dating partner’s complete profile details on a wider screen, then you could opt for dating websites. If you are sitting bored at home and wants to find a good way to spend your time and also find a prospective partner, then dating sites would be the ideal option.

Finding Mutual Friends
The dating apps always show you all the mutual friends you have with a person you try to be romantically involved. It creates a sense of trust and also some common topics for you both to talk with each other. When you know that the person is well known to a friend of yours it makes you much more comfortable to talk to him/her as you would be sure a mutual friend of your friend would also be having a great personality and traits similar to yours. It also makes the person more trustworthy as a mutual friend can’t be someone fake online trying to fool you.

Find Similarities Between You Two
A dating app helps you to find similarities between you two quickly and easily. You could check their mutual friends, the music they love, sports they like to watch or play, etc. This makes it easier to converse and also find people with similar likes and dislikes. If you get to find a person who loves the same kind of music as you do and also have many mutual friends between both of you, then the possibility that you both will get along like a house on fire is more.

No Spam E-mails, Just Get Messages From Those Who Matter
One of the greatest advantages of dating apps is that the messages you get are filtered, and you only receive messages from those who you have liked on the app. Whereas in dating websites, your spam folder might end up crowded with random emails from many unknown people. This can be irritating as no one likes to receive messages from unknown people.