Save On Call Charges By Sending Fax From Gmail


Did you know that you can send a fax using Gmail? Yes, it is faster and affordable and cuts down on hardware and related expenses. Today’s hi-tech environment businesses are always looking to save time and money. Of course, environmentally conscious businesses want to cut down on the use of papers and save trees. Embrace technology and protect the ecosystem. These can also bring about social changes and make your business profitable. Many features support the fax services on Gmail and benefit both personal and business correspondence. Now send fax from email and save. has endorsed the economic advantages of using Gmail for fax.

Conversion of file formats
Gmail comes with the advantage of converting the file types to meet your requirements. The file format can be made compatible with various fax machines. The fax machine format can be converted to PDF for easy accessibility on any device or printing solutions. Moreover, the access is quick and easy.

Clear and concise documents
The Gmail fax facilitates high-quality documentation for perfect image clarity. There is no need to scan the document, and you need to just send directly from your computer. It saves both on time and effort. The color images are also maintained in high quality. Any fax machine can be made compatible to receive email faxing without the quality being compromised.

Highly portable
The Gmail faxing has made faxing a portable option. Now people can send and receive faxes via smartphone or tablet. Moreover, you can receive instant notification about the faxes sent and received. The process can be done using your phone and what more the service is absolutely free. Apart from saving time and effort, you also save money which is considered to be the top benefit of email faxing.

Virtual number for fax
Though the process is done via email, you can still have your very own virtual fax number. You can now create your local number and link it to the fax option. The number is toll-free and will assist in sending and receiving faxes without the extra burden of telephone bills.

How to fax from Gmail?
The process is simple. The fax to email services helps to send and receive fax via Gmail. The fax can be seen in your inbox as an attachment. You can send a fax from Gmail just like your traditional fax machine. All you need to do is to install the Fax to email services and enter the required information like Gmail address. Select the fax number and location of your choice. Once the signup is done, you can send and receive fax via Gmail account. The virtual fax number helps to identify the receiver. Digital faxing has simplified the process and has helped save some big money for businesses. Moreover, small businesses cannot afford to invest separately in a fax machine and fax rolls. The access to quick and portable faxing has made it convenient for businesses to conduct operations irrespective of place and time. The instant notifications give proof of sent and received documents.