Effects Of Fresh Flowers On Body And Mind


One of the best gifts of nature given to humans are flowers. We all know for a fact that fresh flowers can brighten anyone’s day. Its smell can help your body relax and bring brings happiness. You can arrange flowers like how professionals of Fleuriste Singapore Facebook do or just place them in a vase; it gives a cheerful look to the space it adorns.
But do these flowers have any positive effect on your physical and mental health, experts at www.landscapemagazine.co.uk think so. Below is a list of surprising health benefits the fresh flower from your backyard or a bouquet can provide.

Lessens anxiety:

In today’s world stress and anxiety is something that every individual experience and many people are troubled by anxiety related mental issues. Fresh flowers can help you calm your mind. As per some studies conducted on hospital patients, they felt less anxious in rooms which had fresh flowers. It was also found that they felt confident and positive about their recovery. So, if you are feeling anxious about work or any other issues, the best way to get it out of your mind is to fill your vase with some fresh flowers. Looking at fresh flowers first thing in the morning also fill you with positive energy.

Helps you sleep better:

A good sleep is essential for everyone. The fragrance of fresh flowers in your bedroom can help you relax, and thus you get better sleep. Though it cannot cure sleep related diseases like insomnia, it can help you calm your mind as well as body and help you sleep well.

Flowers improves productivity:

Research has shown that people who work in premises where fresh plants are placed are more productive than otherwise. Adding a little natural color and fragrance to your gleaming office offers a lot of stimulation visually as well as mentally when people pass through them. That can in turn impact productivity positively. The same can be said about not just offices but also in classrooms. Placing fresh flowers where students attend lectures can make you more attentive in the class, that translates to more retention of lectures.
You can put red flowers in lectures halls as red color improves concentration and helps in detailing, blue helps in creativity, etc.

What to experts says about the health benefits of flowers
Doctors are of the opinion that flowers can help with better breathing, though for some it may be allergic. Flowers can improve the humidity in the air as it releases water. As moisture improves in the air, it helps with breathing especially for those who have allergies. Lack of moisture is the source of infections and is the cause of a dry cough and sore throats, keeping fresh flowers at home can help ease that itchy throat.

Psychologists say that flowers which appeal not just to sight but also smell when both the sense of smell and sight combine it evokes a feeling of happiness. That happy feeling lightens your mood and makes you more positive in your thoughts and actions. Hence, placing fresh flowers in kitchen or bathroom which is a place visited often, it can lessen stress and makes you feel happy.