The Battle Between Laptops And Desktops For Gaming – Which One Wins?

The Battle Between Laptops And Desktops For Gaming – Which One Wins?Should you go in for an exclusive gaming laptop or stick with your trusted old desktop? One can often hear this question floating among gaming circles. Right from newbie gamers to hard core gamers everyone has their own opinion. Endless debates have been raged and the conclusions have all been subjective.
Here we take an unbiased view on this subject and try to put an end to this question once for all.

The first factor to consider is the upgradability of the device. As technological innovations are made at a rapid pace, the shelf life of even the highest configured device is little lesser than a couple of years. Laptops are not geared towards upgradability unlike desktops that can be easily replaced with the latest hardware. Hence desktops win hands down in this round.

The next factor to be considered is the speed and efficiency. Newer models of laptops in the market are as efficient as desktops of similar configurations. The issues of overheating and sluggishness found in older laptops are literally non-existent in newer models. Also newer models have eliminated the drawbacks like poor battery life, frequent charging and booting time. So this round ends at a draw between laptops and desktops.

In the next round we compare the graphics processing units of laptops and desktops. This is a tough call and laptops end only at a slight disadvantage behind desktops. With newer graphics cards only the avid gamers can discern the difference in the pixel quality between desktops and laptops. Also it is highly dependent on the games you play. Some games do not require higher GPUs whereas others depend extensively on GPUs of higher processing power.

The conclusion to be drawn is that you should go in for desktops for all your intensive gaming sessions and choose the best gaming laptop under 500 dollars for all your other gaming needs and to offer the portability.