New Product For Internet Marketing By Aidan And Steve


Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are the well known persons in the Internet marketing field. They are giving many internet marketing products from their in-house experience and knowledge and then launching the products to the public. One of their products is 100k Factory, which is an eight weeks training program from which you will get both the training and tools to earn $100k per year by building four websites. It is not limited to create only four websites but the maximum is four. It’s up to you if you can create more than that. Suing their ‘100k launchpad’ you can make money easily.
Through this program, you will get extensive support in all required time, and you can access the 100k launchpad tools exclusively. There are three key tools available in the launchpad. Content Repository is the first tool from which you can get a library of content where you can search and choose the required content by connecting plug-ins automatically to your website.
The next tool is point and click tool where you can find split test control, Exit Intent pop ups, etc. you can manage and modify suing the push button. The last toll is the website factory where there are in-built themes that allow you to add your new content using the push button.
Just get more knowledge in bringing targeted traffic to your page for greater optimization of your website. Some of the methods to increase quality traffic to your website are using paid Facebook advertisements, sharing the content virally on the internet and in-house traffic creating software’s developed by Aidan and Steve. Then, you can make more money quickly.
The monetizing strategy is very important to your websites. The strategies followed under monetization are affiliate marketing, selling your products, AdSense, etc.