11 Trending Mobile App Developments For 2017

Mobile App Developments

A smartphone and an app are the inseparable parts of our digital life. If you download gaming apps, install lucky patcher v6.5.2 for an ad-free surfing experience. Insider reports at www.computerworld.com tell you that the total number of mobile phone users will see a steady increase in the next decade.

Here are the top 11 mobile application development fads that will stay in the current year.

Accelerated Mobile Pages
The AMP Project started by the tech giant Google is an open-source program that strives to make web browsing a smooth experience. You can create websites, ads and content that are fast and appealing. All the web apps that are powered by Google AMP loads at lightning speed and increase the web traffic to the website.

Gear Up For AR And Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is popular in the gaming industry with games like Pokémon Go and myNav a hit among users. The presence of VR devices is slowly gaining momentum, and you can expect a steep rise in these trends by the end of the year.

Surge Of Artificial Intelligence
Through the use of cognitive platforms, AI will help open a plethora of innovative options for users. Multi-national companies have acquired startups that are into AI for better collaboration. You can expect the likes of Siri and Prisma in the days ahead.

Cloud-driven Apps
Cloud storage and mobile apps will lead to the rise of powerful smartphones. They will fetch a user’s data from the cloud, leaving plenty of internal storage available for use.

Enterprise And Micro-Apps
An enterprise app like Evernote has several features that are native to Android or iOS. A micro-app like a messenger focuses on one task. Their light-weight, consumer-driven and ad hoc-based features make them the preferred apps.

Increase In Security
Better security and scrutiny of data will be strengthened to prevent hackers from tapping into the private and confidential matter.

Increase In Usage Of Wearable Devices
Wearable gadgets like Fitbit and Apple smart watch are not confined to the healthcare industry alone. They will span across other segments and offer users unparalleled experience.

M-commerce For You
Like e-commerce, mobile commerce is becoming a trend these days. Users prefer to shop with a mobile wallet rather than a debit card. Coupled with the wearable devices and Artificial Intelligence, shopping will be a technological advancement rather than a chore.

One of the emerging trends that have sparked interest among users is IoT or Internet Of Things. Your refrigerator will remind you to refill the cartons and buy your weekly supply of vegetables. How cool is that?

Beacons For GPS Service
With a beacon, they transmit your location data that is received by the smartphone. Data is read and evaluated, and a list of curated offers are sent across.

Swift Programming Language
With a host of exciting features, Swift is the next programming language. It has already received attention from iOS developers and is here to stay.

These 11 trending mobile app developments will prove to give a major fillip to your business if they are implemented right.