Factors to Consider While Buying WiFi Range Extender

network-extendersInternet users more often get frustrated whenever they encounter weak wireless signals in their WiFi routers. As indicated at the top wifi extender – wifiextendercentral.com many homes face dead spots wherein the signals from the Wi-Fi router are weak especially on the next floor or in the yards. In this context WiFi, range extenders come to the rescue for such homeowner. These devices are effective and are available at affordable prices. In fact, these extenders boost the weak signals in the dead spot and allow the users to have a wider coverage so that they can use their devices without any hassle of poor or no internet connectivity. To know more about these WiFi extenders read this review which will be handy while buying the right WiFi range extender.

WiFi range extenders or WiFi boosters are the devices which are designed to boost the WiFi weak network signals and rebroadcast it with more strength, so the area of coverage can be extended. For the purpose of efficient operation, a WiFi router has to be kept in a center place in your home so that the strength of the WiFi signal can be uniform at all the places. Otherwise, the signal can be obstructed by the walls when it is placed in the corner of the home, and this may result in making more dead spots in your home wherein the signal are known to be weak or even absent.

Hence before buying a WiFi range extender, it is better to check the location of the router. Also, some of the models of the WiFi routers are outdated and hence lack in their performance. In some cases, the router should have the right bandwidth for its optimum performance. Advanced technologies have brought dual channel routers with a wide bandwidth. These precautions need to be checked before buying a wifi range extender from the market.

Firstly, one needs to check the compatibility of the WiFi range extender with the existing WiFi router. Hence you need to inform the supplier about the details of the router so that he will choose the right WiFi range extender which matches with your router. Next check the speed of the extender which should be matched with the speed of the router. There is no point in buying a higher speed extender to connect with the lower speed router, since it may not produce the desired results except the wastage of money. Also one has to check the compatibility of multi-band range between router as well as the range extender.

More importantly, the security standard is another aspect that needs to be addressed while buying a WiFi range extender. One has to buy the extender which has the latest version of protection so that unknown people do not use the device without your password. If your current router does not support this feature, you can upgrade it and match your range extender. Before buying the range extender read the reviews, and it is always better to buy the branded extender as these devices are approved by the authorities.