The Best Car Speakers- Selection Process Begins


Planning to get a new sound system in your car? Looking for the best car speaker systems? Have you considered what the factors are that you have to check before buying car speakers? If you ask your friends, you will get a lot of advice like choose the best 4 inch car speakers; select the speakers that are compact, etc. You will also get a lot of information at Don’t always go for the final purchase based on other people’s opinions. Decide what you want and then check the compatibility with your car as well. Let’s take note of a few details t hat can help you pick the right set of speakers for your car.

Factors to consider when getting your car speakers

Component Vs Coaxial

It’s not very easy to make a comparison between the two types of speakers. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. While the component speaker provides better sound quality, it is more expensive. At the same time, It is much easier to install a Coaxial or full range speaker in the car. You can also do this on your own without having to call any professional.

The sensitivity of the speaker depends largely on how much power the head unit releases. This will help find out the best level of sensitivity. The speakers with more sensitivity will require only less power. The same goes vice versa. Speakers with low sensitivity use more power.


To determine the size of your speakers, you have to inform the dealers about the make, model and also the year of manufacture of the car. Then they will be able to tell you the specifications of the speaker already installed in the car. You can also try removing the existing piece yourself. However, it is better to call the professionals to make sure that it is done the right way.

Build quality

Always choose speakers which have high build quality. Low-quality materials will not last long. You have to check for durability of the material before you purchase.
· Rubber – Good sound quality, longer life
· Foam and cloth- Less durability
· Polypropylene with mica- Long lasting with great bass.

Power handling

The speakers in your car should be able to handle the power released by the head unit. If you are yet to buy the head unit, you have more liberty when choosing the speaker. However, if you have already bought the head unit, your choices will be restricted according to the power handling capacity of the speakers. You can choose from the list of speakers that are capable of handling the power.

Budget decided

The final decision is always made based on the budget availability. This is perhaps the first factor that you need to consider. Set a budget and then find the options you can avail within that budget. Get the best quality you find within your specified budget. Buy a speaker which suits your car and your personal needs specifically.

All the best with your hunt for car speakers. Let’s hope you the best one and have a blast!

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